Before sitting down and drawing the FINAL version of CARVER: A Paris Story, it went through several rewrites and evolutions. Originally I wrote it as a sort of hopeless romantic love story, Carver was still the gentleman of fortune but in the first iteration, you would never have seen him as the violent adventurer really. He was pretty much just a sad Marlboro Man/Indiana Jones, who was having a one off night, with the woman he'd never stopped loving. Very "Before Sunrise" kind of thing. This all started back in 2010, then 2011 occurred and it knocked me on my ass in a way that had never happened to me before. It's a long story, but people died, I was sad, I realized that the world wasn't all rainbows and lollipops, etc, etc. As a result, Carver began to take on more sinister elements as a reflection of how I'd changed as an individual. It got a little too dark in some of the versions before 2015. Luckily I stuck it out, and the final version brought a great degree of catharsis though it isn't without its dark moments.

Over the course of this time, I was also working on a Carver short film with my friend Ron Torres, which then led to being asked to submit for Sundance's New Frontier Lab. So the story and characters were constantly being workshopped and tweaked for various mediums beyond the comic, which I knew I'd get around to eventually. By the time we got to the second application for Sundance in the summer of 2014, the short was finished-well finished to the degree it could be. Ron's apartment was broken into and we lost half the footage we shot, a long story-and since the New Frontier Lab was trying to crack the code of "transmedia", I decided to write a pilot script for a hypothetical Carver series. 

Like a lot of my notes and scripts from the development period, some elements worked their way into the final book. The scene in the apartment with Pauline changed a number of times, Pauline herself changed a LOT, as well as the character that eventually became Stacker Lee who is referred to as "Stetson" in this script. The notion of the "cold open" to each issue or chapter of the book came from applying my mind towards the live action pilot as well. I also explored the notion that Francis would be suffering from PTSD from his experiences in WW1 as well as adventuring, which also led to the first version of the Belleau Wood flashback here.

Anyways, I figured for the few of you out there that are fans of Carver, and are waiting for more to come (and there will be soon) this may tide you over a bit. At the very least, there are some legitimate insights into the character here that have and will remain as constants. I leave it to you to make the determination as to which ones they are ;)